Theatre & Dance Degree Program Details

The Theatre & Dance Department in Gonzaga University are dedicated to cultivating and training students who face the many perils in daily lives through their participation in the creative art forms of dance and live theatre. Students examine and critically examine a wide array of texts, artistic forms, and methods in order to develop an active engagement with the roots of society through the expressive arts. A program such as this one allows students to examine both the positive and negative aspects of theatrical expression through a multi-dimensional approach, while developing an appreciation for all forms of performance art.

Theatre & Dance students will also be exposed to many different performing arts forms such as ballet, opera, mime, contemporary dance movements, dramatic acting, vocal dancing, and much more. The theatre & dance department at Gonzaga University offer classes that combine theoretical instruction with a hands-on experience of working in the studio and on stage. Students can expect to take classes such as Acting Classes, Composition, Character Development, Performance Analysis, Fashion Design, Lighting Effects, Movement, Propulsion, Set design, Drama Analysis, Character Development, and Stage Management. This is a comprehensive curriculum that will allow you to explore all aspects of performing arts.

If this sounds like the perfect career for you, don’t hesitate to contact a local theatre manager or theatre director to inquire about the requirements of your prospective studies. Most schools are aware that performing arts education requires a unique combination of academics and professional experience, so it is not difficult to find a reputable school that offers this type of degree. You can also always check out the Theatre & Dance Department website for a list of current student profiles. Once you have completed your degree, you will most likely have a job lined up just from applying to a theatre department!