Theatre & Dance

Theatre & Dance is the term used to collectively describe the many different types of dance which are performed both inside and outside of a building for entertainment purposes. Many types of dance have been around for centuries with some forms going back much further than others. One type of dance which has been around for hundreds of years is the Chinese Formal Dance.

Theatre  Dance

Theatre & dance are basically dance done for an audience. It’s commonly performed in a modern theatre setting, although this isn’t a necessity and it can be performed and choreographed to create music to accompany the performing arts such as plays and operas. Each style of dance can be taught with minimal training, as most will easily adapt themselves to a new teacher. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in Theatre & dance will typically begin learning from a young age, although this age is normally quite young for those in this field. The skills learned in childhood can be used for their future career as a dancer or as a stage actress/actor. Training can consist of dance classes taught by professional dancers or tutors, as well as learning choreography, theatrical techniques and general dancing skills.

Other areas of Theatre & dance include dance therapy, children’s theatre, corporate productions, television, home videos, video games, commercials and theatre tours. Most professionals will start with dance lessons and then branch out from there into different areas. Dance therapists are able to use their knowledge of dance science to help individuals suffering from various conditions including autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome and more. By applying their knowledge of muscle movements and grace, dance therapists are able to teach these individuals how to move their limbs and joints properly, which prevents them from suffering in later life from debilitating muscle deficiencies and disabilities.