Theatre & Dance Student Internship

The Theatre & Dance Department in Gonzaga University boast a rich reputation for its dynamic students, exciting academic programs, and professional-looking degrees and scholarships. Students in this department develop an interest in performing and studying both in person and online as well as diversifying their practices between the two mediums. Many students pursue degrees in Theatre and Dance to gain a Bachelor of Arts and increase their chances of landing high-paying jobs and interesting internships after school. Others seek advanced degrees or scholarships to help them further their education and enter promising acting and directing careers.

Theatre  Dance

The Theatre & Dance department at Gonzaga University prides itself on preparing students for a rewarding and challenging entertainment arts education. Students explore and critically examine a wide array of literature, performing arts forms, and artistic techniques in order to contribute to the development of society and to improve the conditions of people who perform and study theatre and dance in today’s world. By participating in hands-on theatre and dancing training or taking advantage of theatre related internships, students develop skill sets that will benefit them in their future careers and live their lives to the fullest. The Theatre & Dance Department’s Bachelor of Arts program is especially designed to prepare students for performing arts employment or other related goals. Its Bachelor of Arts Degree program encourages originality and creativity in students, while fostering a community that shares their enthusiasm for the performing arts.

The Theatre & Dance Department sponsor artistic and meaningful events such as musicals, workshops, seminars, recitals, concerts, conferences and productions throughout the year. This department strives to cultivate the talents and interests of each member of the student body while ensuring the growth and optimal functioning of each individual student. Each year the Theatre & Dance department participate in the University’s Department of Theatre Arts’ Search and Evaluation Process for Students with Exceptional Results. This is an intensive two-week research period that culminates in the discovery of a candidate best suited for admission into the BFA programme. The Search and Evaluation Process is a comprehensive assessment of an applicant’s theatre experience, theatre theory and methodology, theatre evaluation skills, theatre recruitment and placement services and theatre performance and communication skills.