Theatre & Dance Schools

The Theatre & Dance department at the Muhlenberg College of Art & Design is dedicated to presenting original artistic forms and designs in the form of plays, concerts, recitals, one-man or multi-person shows, and independent films. Through strict, world-class studio production training and innovative theatre research, the Theatre & Dance department strive to create highly individualistic, inspirational, creative artist-makers, well equipped to contribute intelligently to the greater good. The Muhlenberg Theatre & Dance program offer an immediate learning link between classroom instruction and studio productions at various times of the year, through varied mediums such as the internet, local up-and-coming performances and workshops, theatrical tours, video clips, live stage productions, and television productions. The goal of the Theatre & Dance department at Muhlenberg College of Art & Design is to cultivate new, innovative, and collaborative artist-makers who are committed to enrich the lives of others through theatre.

The University of Maryland’s School of Art and Design offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre & Dance for undergraduate students. Students must choose a specialization within the broad discipline of theatre and dance, which include choreography, performance design, visual communications, dance methodology, fashion development, technical communication, theatrical productions and production management, and theater research. Students must also complete a minimum of four years of graduate studies in a field of art that suits their major’s strengths and who is interested in theatre studies and public performance. As part of the school’s liberal arts education, students are encouraged to participate in theatre productions as a student or as an alumni of the programme.

Baltimore’s Keough High School offers a Theatre & Dance program for students of all ages, starting at pre-school age and including senior and juniors. There are no specific theatre & dance curriculum; rather, students are encouraged to develop musical, drama, creative and performing skills through talent-development programs, group projects, and one-on-one supervision. For students who wish to continue their study of theatre after high school, Baltimore’s Howard University provides a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre & Dance. The Bachelor of Arts degree focuses on performing arts and gives students the opportunity to pursue theatre study as well as professional work in the fields of theatre promotion and marketing, television and movie production and design, and dance management.