Theatre & Dance Education

The Theatre & Dance Department in Gonzaga University is dedicated to educating and developing artistic individuals who face the many challenges in daily lives by their engagement to the creative art forms of dance and live theatre. Students research and critically examine a wide assortment of texts, theatrical forms, and practices in order to encourage an active engagement with both the practical and personal foundations of contemporary culture and traditions. Their work ranges from theatre workshops, stage productions, short-run programs, and recitals to full-fledged theatrical events like ballets and concerts. The Theatre & Dance Department strive to create involvement in community theatre events as well as community visibility and reputation by presenting original works and popular shows for students, faculty, and graduates. Recent successes have seen the department make a name for itself, particularly in the arena of contemporary dance and visual arts. Numerous students have gone on to pursue careers in the performing arts while also finding employment in fine arts departments and educational institutions.

Theatre  Dance

Health studies and Theatre & Dance are intrinsically linked because health studies require a thorough understanding of how performance and the visual arts impact our emotions, physical and mental health, and interpersonal relationships. Consequently, to understand how theatre impacts our everyday lives, we must also engage with artistic pursuits, such as dancing. This requires gaining a comprehensive overview of both the physical sciences and the human life in all its forms. By integrating both disciplines, students can advance their personal and professional goals. Additionally, through health studies and Theatre & Dance students can develop leadership skills, enhance their abilities to identify and solve complex problems, and cultivate an appreciation for the contributions that people make to their own personal and professional futures.

Although theatre & dance education has a strong history, today’s modern culture continues to challenge its validity as a viable career and professional option. The discipline offers a unique curriculum to compliment today’s busy lifestyles. However, it is still possible for people to continue to work in this career even when other opportunities have become available. Theatre & Dance students can benefit from obtaining an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. In addition to additional general knowledge, students will be exposed to cutting-edge technologies and skills required for performing arts performance and research.