Streaming Video Services – Using Your Computer to View Your Favorite Shows on Your TV

Streaming Hub has been a very popular product on the market for quite some time and has many streaming media fans singing its praises. Many features make this an easy choice for someone looking for the ultimate in high definition video and audio quality for their videos. This software allows users to upload media to popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Metacafe, and Dailymotion. The product allows for simultaneous recording, live streaming, & playback.

Streaming Hub

Features. Live Streaming, Recorder, and Smart TV. Supports up to 1080i 60FPS resolutions. 10 simultaneous inputs at up to HD 1080p 30FPS.

HDMI output support is available on many new HDTV’s, which allow users to connect directly to a computer without using an extra cable. This feature is also supported on the Streaming Hub, so connecting your streaming hub through an HDMI to computer port or analog port converter box, can stream to an HDTV. With the addition of a Chroma Key System (CK) that allows the display of thumbnails in the software, it is now possible to preview any incoming HD stream and watch the entire program on the television while it is playing. Streaming Hub’s exclusive and cutting edge technology that enables you to access your favorite shows online, has been designed for easy, convenient viewing with little setup and maintenance.