How to Avoid Non-Random Poker Dealing


If you play online poker, you have probably seen some accusations of non-random card dealing. This could be a case of using a “bot” or multiple players, or it could simply be a way to increase your bets. In any case, it is not a good practice, and any attempt to manipulate the cards would face third-party detection. The good news is that there are several ways to detect such practices. If you’re a beginner and want to avoid falling prey to these tactics, here are some things to know before playing.

First, the rules of the game. The rules of poker are simple. It’s a game of strategy and skill. However, the more complicated the game, the greater the stakes can become. If you play the game properly, you can earn thousands of dollars or even millions. In the case of video poker, you can win up to $10 million in a single game. This is also the case when playing online. There are many websites online that offer a free trial of their software.

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