Games That Can Be Played Using Your Computer

One of the most popular forms of entertainment these days is video games. In video games, individuals use their mouse or keyboards to control exactly what’s happening on a computer screen, including televisions and mobile phones as well. In card games, individuals utilize playing cards as well.


There are even unique computer games that let you interact with a character by using only the keyboard and the mouse. Chris Crawford, a game designer at Big Fish, designed and developed a game called Phazer: Leveling the Cap. In this game, players control a character and navigate through levels by clicking on certain spots on the screen. There are more than ten levels, and this game can be downloaded from Big Fish’s website for free.

Chris created the game because he wanted his wife to enjoy playing his video game as well, so he designed a game that would be enjoyed by both of them. With Phazer: Leveling the Cap, gamers have the ability to customize many of the in-game items including weapons and armor and play with a character similar to themselves such as gladiators or officers. This board game is just one of the examples of video games that can be downloaded for free on the internet. Other popular board games such as Mentalis and Stratego are available to be played on various gaming systems and can be purchased from retailers that sell video games.